Sanofi Group MSL Solid Organ Transplantation in Boston, Massachusetts

Territory : The ideal candidate is located in the east/south east/mid US but any other US location will be considered according to transplant related experience.


The Solid Organ Transplant (SOT) Medical Science Liaison (MSL) provides comprehensive medical and scientific information in connection with Sanofi products.

The SOT MSL serves as an advanced field-based scientific professional for US Medical Affairs division of North American Pharmaceutical Operations. The SOT MSL shares scientific and clinical data exceptionally well, communicating directly with US healthcare providers and clinical researchers via appropriate scientific exchange, clinical research, disease state awareness education and medical education gaps to inform healthcare providers, and serving as a field-based scientific professional to facilitate research, education, or other collaborations. The position supports US Medical Affairs mission of generating, translating, and communicating clinical and scientific data to US healthcare providers and decision makers to demonstrate the value of Sanofi products, technologies, and services in support of optimal patient care.

The responsibility of the SOT MSL is to establish scientific and professional credibility with customers and other healthcare stakeholders communicate appropriately and compliantly via scientific exchange on the value of Sanofi products, provide insights to internal teams on key medical education gaps relevant to healthcare decision makers, healthcare providers and identify clinical research sites or educational opportunities when appropriate. SOT MSLs serve as the principal field-based scientific resource between US Medical Affairs and external health care providers involved in pharmaceutical selection, access and health care decisions. SOT MSLs engage in scientific exchange by providing clinical data or disease state education in response to clinical, disease state, and evidence-based guideline information requests from health care providers. SOT MSLs also communicate Medical Materials Review Committee (MMRC)-approved clinical information, in compliance with applicable SOPs. SOT MSLs also identify and communicate customer insights to internal teams to inform the medical research and provide field-based representation to facilitate research, education, and other collaborations, in compliance with applicable SOPs.


Primary responsibilities of this role are to facilitate information, education, and research activities for physicians and ancillary healthcare professionals regarding in-development or commercialized Sanofi products.

Demonstrate Strong Scientific/Technical Expertise in support of Solid Organ Transplant :

  • Understanding of clinical knowledge

  • Understanding of the disease state and broader therapeutic area

  • Understanding of scientific evidence regarding Sanofi products, technologies & services, relevant disease states, and healthcare management

  • Understanding of clinical trials methodology, outcomes, and limitations

  • Understanding of connection between healthcare providers and organizations within the MSL designated territory and across the region

  • Understanding and translation of complex scientific and clinical data to healthcare providers with varying levels of expertise and internally within Sanofi

  • Proficiently utilize and communicate clinical data, therapeutic guidelines and other technical tools in the field

  • Understanding and contribution to US Medical Affairs strategy regarding new product analysis and clinical decision-making for the US healthcare provider

  • Drive internal understanding of US Medical Affairs with respect to unmet educational and research medical needs

Effectively Manage Regional Responsibilities in support of Solid Organ Transplant:

  • Principal field-based medical point of contact for healthcare providers within the region

  • Communicate and disseminate scientific and clinical data in response to unsolicited requests for information as appropriate per medical field policy, using oral presentations, written communications, scientific literature or other approved materials and tools. Provide timely, fair balanced, objective information.

  • Create and execute medical engagement based on medical education needs, within the region

  • Create and maintain medical relationships with key medical, pharmacy, and healthcare professional organizations which includes response to medical requests, dissemination of verbal or enduring MMRC-approved educational resources in response to medical needs, and coordination of US Medical Affairs research collaborations

  • Identify and provide medical education solutions for unique or impactful medical opportunities

  • Ability to work seamlessly across various levels of healthcare providers and within institutions

  • Consistently and appropriately partners with Sanofi field and home office colleagues regarding shared stakeholders, learnings and insights in a manner that is fully adherent with all Field Interactions Policies

  • Ability to effectively represent the needs of healthcare providers to US Medical Affairs and other Sanofi colleagues ensuring that unmet needs are identified, understood, and prioritized

  • Identify and build strong relationships with thought leaders within assigned geographical area

  • Provide meaningful input into clinical research agendas by collecting, synthesizing and communicating customer insights to internal partners.

Communicate and Disseminate Medical Education and Medical Information in support of Solid Organ Transplant:

  • Establish and maintain credible peer-to-peer scientific interaction with international, national, and top regional opinion leaders based on cutting edge clinical data and information.

  • Displays ability to assimilate scientific data accurately, with strong learning agility, and to communicate such information clearly and with appropriate balance

  • Serve as a primary resource for clinical and scientific information to internal associates and external health care providers. Communicate effectively to internal medical and business partners as needed

  • Proactively communicate MMRC-approved scientific and clinical information within medical field policy to ensure delivery of high quality education to impact optimal patient care.

  • Demonstrate excellent communication of clinical trial findings and other healthcare decision support tools to inform healthcare providers

  • Connect healthcare providers as appropriate with Sanofi medical or other resources to address their information needs (e.g., Medical Unit physicians, Outcome Liaisons, Medical Information).

  • Collaborate with US Medical Affairs, Regulatory, Legal, or other departments and external experts

  • Participate in professional communication and dissemination at scientific congresses and other professional meetings via podium or scientific poster presentations

  • Lead the identification and assist in the development of field medical tools and other communication approaches, collaborating with the appropriate Medical Affairs colleagues

Collaborate with Field and Home Office Partners:

  • Demonstrate excellent teamwork and partnership within US Medical Affairs and with Medical Unit, Market Access, Patient-Centered Business Unit, Corporate Affairs, and other colleagues

  • Collaborate with field-based and home office medical, EBM and commercial partners to meet healthcare providers medical information requests, support medical strategy, and align as appropriate with commercial activities. Provide training and expertise as needed

  • Contribute to medical or business partner meetings to ensure appropriate collaboration and provide scientific/educational updates and communicate medical needs within the organization

  • Provide input in the development of and ensure the appropriate execution of clinically relevant regional or national medical meetings (e.g. advisory boards, consultant or investigator meetings)

  • Engage in support of medical advisory boards or other activities that strive to understand the application and impact of current or planned clinical trials

  • Communicate medical education gaps and propose solutions to relevant internal colleagues

  • Serve as a medical resource for ongoing training needs and provide medical support at meetings if requested

Communicate Impactful Field Insights in support of Solid Organ Transplant:

  • Identify and regularly communicate field insights and emerging clinical trends to internal stakeholders and broader medical strategy and agenda by gathering, synthesizing, and communicating uncovered educational gaps to internal medical teams.

  • Communicates field insights to the Medical Core team

Identify potential clinical research investigators or other partnerships with healthcare stakeholders in support of Solid Organ Transplant:

  • Identify, evaluate, and communicate potential opportunities for clinical investigators with qualified investigators in to address appropriate scientific questions aligned with overall medical strategy.

  • Serve as a liaison for the review and submission Investigator Sponsored Trial proposals.

Demonstrate Compliance via Understanding of and Adherence to Applicable Policies and Standards:

  • Complete all required training, demonstrate a deep knowledge and understanding of Sanofi’s relevant procedures, guidance’s, and adhere to corporate policies and procedures.

  • Demonstrate accountability for all necessary and appropriate Sanofi legal, regulatory, and compliance review of communication materials, research or other partnerships, or other types of activities. Collaborate effectively with the Medical Affairs and other colleagues, including the Standards and Quality Assurance teams, to understand and ensure adherence to relevant policies and standards.

  • Complete all activity documentation, expense reporting and other administrative responsibilities in a timely manner


1) Is the role an individual contributor role? Yes X_ No __

2) Is the incumbent in charge of leading other Sanofi employees? Yes - Leads assigned project teams; indirect reporting structure

3) How many employees directly report to this job? 0

4) How many employees indirectly report to this job? Varies based on project assignment

III. Educational Background

Bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year college or university

Area of specialization: Will consider BSN, NP/PA with related clinical experience and successful track record

Doctorate degree from an accredited college or university (e.g., M.D., J.D., PhD, PharmD, or equivalent)

Area of specialization: Solid Organ Transplant

IV. Job-related Experience

5 years

V.Minimum Level of Job-Related Education:

Doctoral level training (PhD, PharmD, MD) that combines professional experience with strong clinical background is preferred but not required. The preferred educational background combines a foundational clinical degree (PharmD, MD) with residency or fellowship experience in solid organ transplant. Strong scientific, health services and clinical pharmaceutical knowledge and experience, combined with an excellent understanding of the evolving US healthcare system and healthcare delivery. Educational training should include significant grounding in observational, clinical research methods and statistics.

Minimum Amount of Job-Related Experience:

A minimum of five (5) years of prior experience, with a history of successful performance, combined from the following: in the pharmaceutical industry or related or related firm, managed care, academic healthcare delivery setting in which responsibilities involved healthcare management and/or patient care experience.

Minimum Level of any Required Qualifications, Licenses, Certificates, Registrations, or any Relevant Knowledge, Job Skill or Equivalent Experience:

Post-doctoral residency or fellowship program experience in solid organ transplant, pharmaceutical program, or related field is preferred but not required.

The company reserves the right to consider candidates not possessing these minimum requirements but who possess an equivalent combination of comparable education and experience. Internal Career Development candidates are one example where minimum educational and job experience requirements may be not be applicable.


▪ MD, PharmD, PhD (clinical sciences or Healthcare administrative), or clinical sciences BSN, PA/NP or clinical research experience

▪ Knowledge and experience in therapeutic area

▪ Preferred MBA, MHA, MPH, previous pharmaceutical industry experience

▪ Clear understanding of local medical practice and clinical decision making in regards to patient care

▪ Interpretation of key scientific data and ability to translate this information to meet educational, clinical, and research needs

▪ Understanding of healthcare systems affecting patient care

▪ Understand the design and execution of research studies

▪ Exemplary communication and presentation skills

▪ Ability to think strategically


This job has specific physical requirements (e.g. lifting, driving, ability to travel, etc.) Please specify: the ability to drive, travel to meetings and appointments with MSL equipment


Job requires consistent demonstration of appropriate behavioral competencies as defined through the company’s Leadership Success Profile and Company Values Model

LEAD Competencies:

• Act for Change

• Cooperate Transversally

• Strive for Results

• Commit to Customers

• Think Strategically

• Make Decisions

• Lead Teams

• Develop People

MSLs will be held accountable to various departments, corporate and / or product-specific goals as determined and specified by the Director and Director.

MSLs will be expected to demonstrate exceptional levels of technical and strategic expertise, integrity and professionalism and a strong awareness of and adherence to field medical policy and applicable scientific, legal, and regulatory standards. MSLs operate within the field and thus must demonstrate the capability to act independently with limited guidance.

Specific competencies of particular importance to the role include, but are not limited to:

• Excellent oral and written communication skills, including strong presentation capabilities and the ability to appropriately inform and influence contexts that include decision-making.

• Strong scientific knowledge with an in-depth understanding of the evolving US healthcare system.

• Demonstrated proficiency in managing multiple therapeutic areas and strategic initiatives including health outcomes, quality initiatives, consensus standards, evidence-based guidelines, and health care policy.

• Excellent verbal and written interpersonal skills appropriate for customer environments, and the capability to establish scientific credibility and communicate scientific information clearly and succinctly.

• Excellent organizational skills, leadership, and the ability to work independently.

• Demonstrated strategic thinking capability.


This job description is intended to describe the general nature and level of work expected of this job. It is not designed to describe all duties, responsibilities and skills that may be required of employees assigned to this



Sanofi is a global healthcare leader focused on patients' needs, engaged in the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of therapeutic solutions focused on patients’ needs. Sanofi has core strengths in diabetes solutions, human vaccines, innovative drugs, consumer healthcare, emerging markets and Sanofi Genzyme.

At Sanofi, our ambition is to be an integrated global healthcare company, focused on patients’ needs. Much more than just a leading pharmaceutical company, Sanofi is committed to transforming scientific innovations into solutions and services that protect health, enhance life, and respond to the needs of the 7 billion people in the world. We trust our ambition to guide and inspire us as we work to create a future with optimal health and wellness for everyone.

Sanofi is a global healthcare leader focused on patients' needs, engaged in the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of therapeutic solutions focused on patients’ needs. Sanofi has core strengths in diabetes solutions, human vaccines, innovative drugs, consumer healthcare, emerging markets and Sanofi Genzyme.