Franciscan Hospital for Children Teacher in Brighton, Massachusetts



Child Care Center


Per Diem



Job Details:

Position Summary: In this role, an organized, responsible, reliable, professional demeanor, and a strong understanding of child care programs is essential. Providing well rounded and enriching childcare for children ranging in ages from Infant through Preschool in a safe and supportive environment. Working collaboratively with fellow teachers and administration. Building strong trusting partnerships with children and parents. Develop, promote and implement rewarding and fun educational experiences that foster each child's individual interests while encouraging their social, emotional and cognitive development in a teamwork environment. All Staff are responsible to ensure compliance with the local, state and federal laws governing child care, both in regard to the physical environment and the emotional well-being of the child(ren) in your care.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required

Education: High School Diploma/ GED, EEC I/T Teacher Certification, EEC Preschool Teacher Certification, or higher

Experience: Knowledge of and/or experience following Department of Early Education and Childcare and the Department of Education Nutrition program, EEC Regulations and other state agencies. Working with children in group setting not a must but preferred. Creating and implementing a well-rounded, individualized curriculum offering enriching experiences, and empowering children to be confident and successful lifelong learners.


• Strong verbal and written communication skills.

• Demonstrate relationship building skills and the ability to inspire and motivate fellow staff, children and engagement with families

• Efficient time management skills.

• Detail oriented, demonstrate the ability to be flexible in daily tasks in order to re-prioritize as needed.

• Strong planning and organizational skills.

• Basic Computer and Internet skills

• Shows initiative, flexible and compromising to center needs

Working Conditions:

· Physical Environment: Some work may be in setting where there is potential for exposure to communicable diseases and hazardous materials, chemicals and waste. Work may possibly include exposure to high noise levels.

Manual Dexterity:

• Ability to lift, place and move supplies, and equipment usually not more than 25 lb.

• Strength: Must have ability to occasionally lift, push/pull, and hold/carry 40 lbs.

• Climbing: Ability to climb stairs

• Standing, sitting, walking, running: Must have ability to: frequently move up and down from floor/children's level

• Vision: Must have ability for depth perception and focus.

• Other: Must have ability to talk and hear, fine hand manipulation (keyboarding)

Hours of Work:

This role will have flexible 8 hour work days Monday-Friday. A routine weekly schedule will be with the Director for shifts that range in the times of the center's operation of 7AM-5:30pm. Willingness to adjust his/her work hours as needed to accommodate meetings, events and center coverage needs that may fall outside of the regular work hours in order to successfully provide and meet licensing regulations. There will be 1 meeting a month after center operational hours that EVERY staff member needs to attend unless otherwise excused.

Scope of Position Responsibilities

For Internal/External Relationships:

Daily communication either written/verbal with prospective or current enrolled families. Daily contact with other members of the Department. Periodic contact with organization functions such as Safety, Infection Control, and Human Resource employees. Professional behavior maintained throughout hospital.

Limits of Authority:

Develops and implements age and developmentally appropriate curriculum. Classroom and behavior management. Problems without clear direction are brought to the attention of immediate supervisor.


• Ensure continuity of care for children by reporting to work on time and maintaining consistent attendance, arranging and communicating leave requests in advance.

• Maintains confidentiality about issues concerning other staff members, children and families of Franciscan Children's Hospital and Franciscan Children's Childcare Center

• Supports organizational mission, philosophies, values, goals, and policies to families, colleagues, and community.

• Respect and adhere to staffing schedules which may be adjusted as program needs change and may include working in another classroom

• Attend staff meetings, training sessions, and other location events.

• Receive constructive criticism with an attitude that indicates a willingness to improve. Give feedback in a respectful manner.

• Ensures and follows compliance with applicable state and federal regulations, and accepted standards of all licensing bodies, accrediting agencies, and meets all DEEC standards.

• Promotes awareness about child care issues and remains current with child development, child study, and child care curriculums; develops strategies to meet, manage, request any additional training hours required by licensing to meet on a yearly basis.

• The ability work independently when required (Within EEC Regulation guidelines)

• Maintains classroom records, papers, cleanliness, boards, and orderliness

Team Work

• Collaborates with co-teacher on classroom management, duties, and behaviors to figure out an equal and fair work load for both.

• Establish and maintain a relationship of cooperation and respect with colleagues.

• Assumes a fair share of work. Look for ways to be helpful. Demonstrates initiative

• Offer and share ideas and materials with colleagues.

• Participates actively in teaching team through communication, collaboration, and curriculum planning.

• Communicates directly, works to resolve conflicts quickly, and avoids gossip.

• Assists and accepts responsibility in other daily center duties that might be temporary in the event other personnel are not available.

• Shows flexibility and a team player attitude, often coming in early/staying late, and/or willing to switch shift to fit the needs of the center.

• Other duties as requested.

Interaction between Staff and Children

• Provides a supportive, creative, warm, and inviting environment where children's growth and development is encouraged through curriculum, activities gearing the program from children based individual, cultural, and socioeconomic needs. To children from early childhood through adolescence.

• Communicates with children using methods of positive re-enforcement, respect, appropriate tone of voice; as well as maintain stability and control with the classroom at all times.

• Respects and observes children's interests. Intervene when needed to maintain safety. Enhance children's play with language, toys, and activities.

• Communicate directly with each child at the child's level

• Be available and responsive to children's needs, questions and requests.

• Encourage and models social behavior and expectations which are developmentally appropriate.

• Acknowledge feelings with sensitivity and demonstrate appropriate expressions of emotions.

• Be attentive, flexible and supportive of children and their families during transitions to and from classrooms.


• Develops, prepares, implements, and assesses appropriate child centered curriculum and activities. With standards that meet the various developmental needs of the individual child in your care.

• Design an environment that is warm, welcoming, and contains a variety of developmentally appropriate materials and activities which foster social skills and encourage children to think, problem solve, question and experiment.

• Foster positive self-concept by supporting individuality, independence, and the ability to make choices.

• Encourage self-creative expression

• Plan and implement child-oriented, self-initiated activities while limiting large group, staff initiated activities.

• Providing more than one option for group activity and maintain flexibility in changing planned activities according to children's interests.

• Create and take part with hands on and interactive implementation of developmentally-appropriate classroom and outdoor learning opportunities for young children.

• Observes and makes anecdotal records of each child in classroom, recording children's progress at least once a month.

• Records and completes assessments for each child

Family Communication

• Acknowledges Families and all classroom visitors. Demonstrates a friendly, courteous and professional demeanor

• Responds to family comments and concerns with sensitivity, interest, and respect. Maintains confidentiality.

• Invite input from families regarding their child's development and care.

• Communicate verbally and in writing with families daily regarding the development and specific activities of the children in their primary care.

• Facilitate in regular family conferences to discuss development, interests, transitions and goals for their child based on appropriate assessment tools.