Franciscan Hospital for Children Teaching Assistant in Brighton, Massachusetts

Teaching Assistant


Kennedy Day School Program


Full Time


Day Shift


Job Details:

Overview: Kennedy Day School offers a unique combination of integrated special education, therapeutic and health services to students, ages 3 to 22 with multiple, intensive special needs and challenges. Each student's Individualized Education Program (IEP) plan is designed to address specific learning needs that may relate to communication, motor skills, sensory skills and/or fragile health. A positive, collaborative and interdisciplinary approach to meaningful skill development makes the Kennedy Day School a very special place to learn and grow.

Job Duties: Under the tutelage of special educators, teaching assistants utilize systematic instructional approaches and support the implementation of each student's IEP and daily schedule of events and activities. While encouraging active participation in learning, teaching assistants interpret students' needs and other pertinent information from subtle expressions of sound, physical orientation, gesture and facial expression and seek to communicate constructive and critical information in a timely and effective manner. Students are supported in learning activities, mobility, communication and personal care by teaching staff throughout the day, often using assistive technology and adaptive equipment.

Education: Bachelor's degree in a related field and relevant experience.

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