The Literacy Project Hi-Set Instructor in Greenfield, Massachusetts

GREENFIELD/NORTHAMPTON Full time 35 Hours per week and includes 12 hours of class time, 6 hours of prep time, 5 hours of DL Advising, and 7 hours for general administration. The HiSET Preparation class meets on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings from 9-12:45. Advising hours will be scheduled to accommodate instructor and students? needs. The Instructor is responsible for planning and teaching HiSET Preparation to adults and out-of-school youth, integrating student goals, computer literacy, and community engagement activities as appropriate. Additional responsibilities include initial and on-going assessment of students, staff meeting time, student educational counseling as appropriate, curriculum development, and working with and supervising classroom volunteers. The Distance Learning (DL) Instructor/Coach is responsible for conducting outreach, recruitment, screening, intake, enrollment, orientation and goal setting for all DL students. The Literacy Project DL coach also administers assessments. TLP also provides any technical assistance if students have trouble with the DL site. The DL Coach works together with the DL hub administrator. Applicant must have a minimum education of a Bachelor?s Degree. Desired qualifications include demonstrated knowledge and experience teaching HiSET prep level curriculum to under-educated adults and youth, and newcomer and immigrant populations, using a student-centered approach. Experience with lesson planning and curriculum development, including transition-to-college programming, career planning, job search, and basic computer literacy is desired. Applicant should possess group and community-building skills, knowledge of Greenfield area community resources, and be comfortable representing the agency in the community