Jewish Vocational Service ESL Instructor - in Boston, Massachusetts

Are you passionate about teaching? Would you like to assist people to get a job or move up in their career by improving their English skills? JVS is seeking qualified ESOL instructors for a variety of classes and settings in the Boston area and beyond. We have many part-time positions available, and may be able to combine to create a full-time position. Evening availability is a plus! Position Summary: Under the direction of their Manager, the Instructor develops and modifies contextualized curriculum and daily lesson plans for academic and/or job skill training programs, delivers training to participants, evaluates progress and skill attainment of individual participants on a scheduled basis, tracks outcomes, creates documents for submission to their Manager, funders or evaluators, and attends strategic team meetings both in the Business Services department as well as agency wide meetings. The Instructor is part of a larger JVS team, all of whom are supporting the education, training, and employment needs of clients and employers. The Instructor works collaboratively with each member of the Business Services team to assist students in obtaining the skills needed to successfully do their current jobs, as well as to upgrade their skills in order to move up in their career. Courses are delivered to working adults at various employer sites and to community members seeking to gain employment. The JVS Business Services Division builds relationships with and engages Boston area employers in sustainable workforce development programs. JVS creates specially tailored educational and training programs coupled with a network of services and supports designed to help employers and their staff gain the education and skills needed for superior performance, job satisfaction, and career advancement. Business Services also helps individuals gain the language and job readiness skills they need to gain employment or advance to the next step in their career pathway. Essential Job Functions: Build relationships, collaboration and teamwork: Support and promote the mission and philosophy of JVS both internally and outside the agency Understand the role of project collaborators, particularly if from other programs, and work together to achieve outcomes Establish relationships with key stakeholders (participants, employers, partner organizations, funders,) and work collaboratively in a structured and on-going manner Work collaboratively with and encourage collaboration between team members to ensure performance goals are met Attend and actively participate in staff meetings and team-based projects Provide assistance to fellow team members when needed Communicate regularly with the program Manager to ensure smooth delivery of services Accountable and results focused: For a complete job description, please visit: