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Individual Mentors provide one on one supervision to masters-level students within the Department of Behavior Analysis at Simmons College who are pursuing eligibility to take the Board Certification Exam administered by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB?). Supervision occurs at a mutually convenient professional location weekly for at least 1.5 hours per session. Individual Mentors are responsible for observing their student weekly (either in person or via video observation), and assessing student performance during observations and demonstrations within sessions.

The Individual Mentor provides feedback and information regarding the student's performance, and monitors the student's progress throughout the semester. Individual Mentors are required to collect data on student performance, provide specific written and oral feedback in session, and identify whether the student is making sufficient progress demonstrating and acquiring skills outlined on the BACB? 4th and 5th edition Task List?, and semester syllabus. Individual Mentors must also complete specific paperwork weekly and at the end of the semester related to their student's progress and the supervisory experience. The semester requires 14 consecutive weeks of supervision, with public school vacation weeks as planned weeks off.


Individual Mentors must have a masters degree in behavior analysis (or closely related field), be a current Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA?) in good standing, be a current Massachusetts Licensed Applied Behavior Analyst in good standing, and must meet the BACB? standards for providing supervision.

Once hired, Individual Supervisors must adhere to the following standards and guidelines to provide supervision and remain in good standing with the Department of Behavior Analysis:

Successfully complete the Simmons College supervision training Maintain BACB? and Simmons College standards for supervision Meet with each assigned student at least once weekly for 14 weeks of the semester, according to the semester schedule Follow the Simmons College Mentoring and Supervision guidelines and syllabus Complete all weekly paperwork to document supervision Complete the end of the semester paperwork Attend mentoring meetings Assist in administering oral exams at least two hours every two semesters

Mentoring application process: The following items must be submitted with the application:

Current Curriculum Vitae A copy of the applicant's current BCBA wall certificate or wallet card A copy of the applicant's current LABA wall certificate or wallet card A brief statement regarding the applicant's interest in supervision, and any previous related experience The contact information for two references Proof of completion of the 8-Hour Supervision Training (a screen shot of the BCBA portal indicating the date the training was complete will suffice as proof) Proof of completion of 3 CEs related to supervision (if 8-Hour training was completed before the applicant's current certification cycle; a screen shot of the BCBA portal indicating the date the training was complete will suffice as proof) The geographic range within which the applicant is willing to travel to provide supervision The hours and days the applicant is available to provide supervision If applicable, the names of any Simmons College students who have requested the applicant serve as their Individual Mentor If the applicant meets the supervision criteria listed above, an interview will be scheduled with the Director of Mentoring and Supervision.

Please submit applications electronically to:

Dr. Gretchen A. Dittrich, Ph.D., BCBA-D, LABA Associate Professor of Practice Director of Mentoring and Supervision Department of Behavior Analysis Simmons College, Boston, MA

As a College committed to diversity, Simmons encourages applications broadly. Simmons is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to continuing to develop a more diverse faculty, staff, student body and curriculum.

To apply please visit

Date Posted: 5/16/2018