Colleges of the Fenway Position Opening at Colleges of the Fenway in Boston, Massachusetts

The Assistant Director of the Counseling and Wellness Center is a full time, 11 month position that supports the Center?s mission to enhance learning and student success by advancing the health and well-being of Mass Art students. The position is multifaceted in scope and function and is designed to assist the Director with the overall management for the Counseling and Wellness Center clinical operations (day-to-day service delivery, utilization review, supervision, quality improvement analysis and initiatives). In addition, the Assistant Director provides direct counseling, assessment, and treatment of students and is involved in outreach, training, and consultation services. The Assistant Director will act as the Counseling and Wellness Center Director?s designee for administrative, clinical, crisis response and consultation when the Director is absent or when designated by the Director to do so. This includes sharing on-call responsibility after hours.

They will develop policies and procedures for the delivery of mental health services; provide training and consultation on the prevention and identification of mental health problems which may jeopardize students? academic success or compromise the safety and well-being of the campus community; collaborate with students? families, faculty, staff and others in cases involving seriously ill students; and participate in division and college-wide committees and efforts to support and improve student life on campus and retention of students.

Provide supervision to graduate level interns that strengthens the training program and assures the highest standards of professional and ethical care. *Provide appropriate psychological services that address a full range of issues. *Assist director to oversee the daily operations of the counseling services office including case management and crisis intervention. *Assist director to develop priorities and goals for the counseling services office in support of student development objectives and the academic mission of the College. *Provide available coverage and oversight of crisis coverage for after-hours mental health emergencies. *Work collaboratively with the Student Development Division and other offices that require input from a mental health expert; i.e. Academic Resource Center, Civil Rights Compliance and Diversity, Academic Affairs. *Assist director in recruitment, selection, orientation and development of graduate interns. *Assist director to maintain and update appropriate off campus resources, files and resource library relevant to the needs of college-age students.

*Refer to appropriate outside resources for long-term therapy and/or issue-specific therapists and refer to and coordinate with treating/medicating psych pharmacologists when appropriate. *Provide regular campus-wide training and workshops as needed, with an emphasis on educating faculty, staff and students to make appropriate referrals to the Counseling and Wellness Center. *Collect, store and maintain client records in accordance with state and federal laws and standards of professional ethics so that the highest level of client confidentiality may be maintained. *Serve as liaison to other offices/departments in the College *Be an active member of Student Development initiatives and national organizations in higher education relevant to student affairs. *Attend/assist with College functions of general importance to student body or College (e.g. Orientation, Commencement, etc.). *Additional duties as assigned. Evening and weekend responsibilities as needed

Date Posted: 7/18/2018