YMCA of Greater Boston Art Instructor in Brighton, Massachusetts

Job Description

  • Keeps safety of participants as the first priority. Emphasizes personal safety and emotional wellbeing with participants, parents and other YMCA staff at all times.

  • Creates and implements a theme related, art curriculum with an appropriate amount of choice. Utilizes art as a medium to educate and promote healthy activity. Thinks outside of the box.

  • Documents art curriculum and keeps examples for following years.

  • Plans and implements recreational and educational programs that emphasize group participation.

  • Creates an active, engaging environment.

  • Models the quality of YMCA values to participants, parents and staff. Must be a positive role model. Develops appropriate relationships with all campers in their care. Understands, establishes, and abides by appropriate boundaries.

  • Sets an example as a staff peer leader of how all staff should act and present themselves

  • Uses positive, constructive methods of discipline/positive reinforcement, and ensures that all staff does the same.

  • Communicates clearly and concisely their expectations and needs for their art program.

  • Keeps a direct line of communication open with supervisors.

  • Reports all accidents/incidents immediately to appropriate supervisors and creates necessary documentation.

  • Communicates program information, problems, and concerns as they occur.

  • Attends all staff meetings and training sessions. Becomes familiar with training materials and actively incorporates them in their day today interactions and work with participants.

  • Maintains and cares for all program areas and supplies. Ensures that participants treat all equipment, supplies, and property responsibly. Takes inventory of their supplies weekly and updates supervisors with respect to supply needs.

  • Assist with pre or post care and/or transportation as assigned. Ensures that a name to face is taken before and after any transitions.

  • Performs other duties as required by supervisor. Demonstrates a willingness to help where needed.

  • Abides by the established YMCA policies, procedures, regulations, and guidelines and asks when in doubt.


  • Must be 18 years of age and have high school diploma or equivalent; some college, and experience preferred. Achieved or working toward an education, art education, or art degree preferred.

  • Must have a passion for working with and nurturing children, and have the ability to work with, develop, and understand the needs of children and appropriate boundary setting.

  • The individual must demonstrate a commitment to working with participants from a variety of backgrounds.

  • Must actively work in harmony with other staff and possess knowledge of group process.

  • Must be committed to carry out YMCA mission, and goals.

  • Must utilize effective communication skills.

  • Must possess current First Aid, Oxygen and CPR certifications and all others as required by the Oak Square YMCA.

  • Must complete all required trainings before start of employment.