Town of Falmouth-School District Substitute Teachers in Falmouth, Massachusetts

Substitute Teachers: Individuals serving as substitute teachers shall be licensed teachers except as hereinafter provided. If licensed teachers are not available, non-licensed staff may be employed under the conditions set below. Payment for substitute teachers will be according to the following categories: $85 per day / Per Day $120 per day Rate paid when a licensed substitute is hired to replace the same person for more than twenty days. This rate will take effect on the twenty-first day of substituting. These people assume full responsibilities associated with teaching, including planning, testing, parent conferences, report card preparation, etc. Principals may determine, at their discretion, that a substitute be paid the $120 rate before the substitutes reaches the 20-day criteria if they assume all responsibilities that the teacher would normally carry. There are no benefits involved in long-term positions and substitutes will only be paid for days worked. Non-Licensed Substitutes (generally placed at the 7-12 level): To become a non-licensed substitute, the candidate must have: a Bachelors Degree or greater; a completed application on file; approval by the Principal of the building and/or Central Office staff; a completed reference check, and a completed CORI check.