Town of Barnstable-School District History Teacher in Hyannis, Massachusetts

QUALIFICATIONS: Possess appropriate certification and degree(s). PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES: Understands Child Growth and Development Maintains responsibility for relating teaching methods and materials to the growth and development of students. Considers the interest level and attention span of students in all learning activities. Makes allowances for potential differences in intellectual maturity levels in learning activities within class groups. Recognizes symptoms of vastly superior and inferior pupil performance and seeks appropriate referrals. Demonstrates the use of a vocabulary appropriate to students. Uses and know social physical, mental and emotional traits as a basis for learning and teaching. PLANNING AND EVALUATING STUDENT LEARNING: Plans for a long range and short range instructional program consistent with school/team/system curriculum. Develops a one day lesson plan for substitute (activities or skills). Diagnoses learning needs of students using appropriate instruments. Uses results of unit or weekly assessments to continue or modify student learning and teacher plans. Provides instruction in those skills and processes necessary for learning the subject being taught. Insures clear, objective and timely reports are offered to students and parents of student progress. Keeps appropriate records, administers and uses standardized tests and prepares progress reports. Uses outside assignments to enrich and/or reinforce curriculum objectives. CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT: Organizes the physical environment to provide for basic comfort, health and safety of students. Provides climate conducive to the lesson(s). Encourages students to assist in the development of positive, reasonable, consistent rules of classroom behavior or self discipline. Uses the instructional program, where appropriate, to encourage citizenship and responsibility. Manages full use of class time for instruction/learning. Uses community resource, where appropriate. Solicits appropriately the help of parents, resource staff and administrator(s) as aids to classroom management. Job Requirements MUST HOLD CURRENT MA CERTIFICATION. SEI ENDORSEMENT PREFERRED. At least 1 year of relevant experience preferred Master degree preferred Citizenship, residency or work VISA in United States required This employer has requested that all applicants answer the following questions. It is highly recommended that you type any essays in a word processing program, save them, and then paste them on the proceeding job application page. Each question must be answered in a Long Essay (Answer limited to 4000 characters, including spaces) How would you draw from your experiences, professional courses, training or readings to create learning experiences which are culturally diverse? How have you incorporated technology in your training and how would you do so in your professional role? What experience or training have you had which would enable you to develop programs utilizing higher-order-thinking skills? What other related experiences, talents, or expertise do you have which enable you to contribute to the total school environment? Describe how you would accomodate Special Needs Students, 504 Students, and ESL Students.