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Mystic Valley Regional Charter School K-12 Assistant Director in Malden, Massachusetts

Mystic Valley Regional Charter School


Assistant Director: Grades K-12


Academics.   Under the direct supervision of the Director/Superintendent and in accordance with Board of Trustees’ (Board) policy, the Assistant Director will assist in the oversight of a comprehensive K-12 program which will provide the foundation for Mystic Valley’s challenging and diversified educational program. The Assistant Director will assist in monitoring the educational development of each student and for the continued professional development of the faculty and staff for designated grade levels.  The Assistant Director provides oversight in all aspects of the Professional Development Coordinators’ (PDC) and/or Department Chair duties, including teacher evaluations. This is a 12-month position.


Behavior Management.  Under the direct supervision of the Director/Superintendent, and in accordance with Board of Trustees’ policy, the Assistant Director will facilitate all aspects of student support, including discipline and behavior. The Assistant Director will engage and proactively interact with several hundred students and families.  This position will report to and provide support, as needed, for the Assistant Superintendent of the Lower School and/or Director/Superintendent.


Job Summary: 


  • Ensure the curriculum, approved by the Board, is delivered with strict fidelity.

  • Monitor the implementation of school curriculum. Work with the appropriate staff (Director of Lower School, Professional Development Coordinators [PDCs], Department Chairs and Lead Teachers) to ensure content, scope, and sequence is followed.  Ensure that the K-6 teachers stay true to following the methodology of Direct Instruction (DI), Core Knowledge (CK), and Saxon Math.

  • Allow no changes to be made to the content of the curricula approved by the Board without Board approval.

  • Ensure the school’s mission statement and focus on character development remains a priority throughout the school day and the school year. 

  • Review curriculum and ideas for professional development. Ensure Core Knowledge (CK), Direct Instruction (DI), and Saxon Math curriculum is taught with fidelity. Stay current with DI and CK changes. Update Atlas/curriculum guides, as necessary, to ensure the curriculum is presented with integrity. Enhance areas of weakness through research and training. In consultation with the Director, oversee the development and analysis of the curriculum to ensure high academic standards are met. Work with the appropriate staff to ensure content, scope and sequence is appropriate for the goals and expectations for each grade and section.

  • Monitor the faculty use of the Atlas Curriculum Mapping software to ensure curricular units are being updated. Make recommendations for program development and curriculum revision.

  • Oversee all aspects of curricular materials, including filing, inventorying, moving, and ordering.


  • Ensure the school’s behavior management system is being followed properly and student accountability is appropriate.

  • Enforce high standards for student conduct consistently, according to the policies laid out by the Board in the Parent/Student Handbook.

  • Interact with other administrators to facilitate communication and supervision across departments and grade levels.

  • Interact with the students in assigned grades, initiating and overseeing positive plans of recognition (A-Plan party, monthly raffle, etc.).

  • Manage student discipline issues for assigned grades, under the direction of the Director to the Lower School and/or Superintendent.  Proactively engage parents about these issues.  Conduct parent meetings in instances where the conduct necessitates a meeting.

  • Ensure the staff is trained on, and held accountable to, the different policies/expectations of the school.  In particular, the Assistant Director is responsible for ensuring that all teachers are well versed in the uniform policy, the behavior management policy, and the school’s vision of a positive learning community as reflected by the utilization of a 4:1 praise-to-correction ratio.


  • Ensure student progress is monitored and interventions are put in place for those students’ requiring assistance.

  • Review summary of Weekly Progress Reports (WPR) from PDCs for assigned grades.  For Grades 7-12, collaborate with Department Chairs to monitor student progress through the distribution of Biweekly Warnings. Utilize the reports offered through the school’s Student Information System.  Discuss and implement corrective actions needed to address student performance concerns.

  • Plan and participate in leadership team meetings as necessary. Follow up on action items.

  • Attend Teacher Assistance Team (TAT), peer coaching, and special education meetings. Follow through on goals for students and teachers.

  • Prepare information for Academic Concern meetings, to be held by the Director of the Lower School.

  • Monitor the academic progress of students, identifying students who need remediation.  Work with the Lower School Director and/or the Superintendent to communicate these concerns to the respective parents and proactively initiate plans for remediation.

  • Review groups for ability and make resulting changes in the school’s Student Information System. Monitor student assessment results and oversee general progress.

  • Review quarterly grades on report cards and progress reports for assigned grades; cross-reference lower performers with teacher goals and parent meetings; prepare grouping forms for distribution; ensure all subject-area and specialist grades are submitted to adhere to deadlines. 

  • Prevent roadblocks from impeding student progress.  For Grades 7-12, collaborate with the Department Chairs to ensure accurate review of progress reports and report cards, among other organizational responsibilities.

  • Coordinate MCAS preparation program. Coordinate parent outreach, data analysis, training, and student grouping.

  • Coordinate the morning reading and math programs.

  • Manage and maintain accurate records in the school’s Student Information System for the relevant grade level.


  • Ensure the staff working with the children of Mystic Valley are responsible professionals who reflect the values of the school’s mission statement.

  • Interview, train, and orient staff.  Provide additional training, as needed, either through the PDCs, Department Chairs or directly.

  • Facilitate lead teacher and/or Department Chair meetings and core curriculum weekly team meetings. Follow up as needed.

  • Attend leadership team meetings. Follow up as needed.

  • Oversee and monitor the Professional Development Coordinators, Department Chairs and Lead Teachers for the assigned grades to ensure continuity in the policies and expectations of the Board of Trustees.

  • Observe of teachers and staff at goal of at least 1 teacher per day, but more if necessary, and provide feedback.  Plan and follow up with those observed.  Use school-approved software to document observation results. 

  • Contribute to the writing up of the mid-year evaluations and end of year evaluations by the PDCs/Department Chairs. Meet with employees as needed.

  • Collaborate with mentor teachers to ensure teaching and learning is of high quality.

  • Working with the Professional Development Coordinators and/or Department Chairs, create schedules for consultants. Collaborate with consultants and monitor visits from external teacher support resources.

  • Collaborate with other members of the leadership team to develop and coordinate professional development programs, including August trainings.


  • Ensure Mystic Valley is an efficiently run school with high academic and behavioral expectations.

  • Ensure the assigned grade-level teams are informed on the policies, mission statement, and expectations set forth by the Board of Trustees.

  • Manage and approve outgoing parent communication letters, requests for leave, requests for time off. Oversee incentive-based events, assemblies, duties, substitute teaching assignments, awards, and displays of student work. 

  • Oversee MCAS coordination, including ordering, special education collaboration, student support, scheduling, packing, distributing, and training.

  • Coordinate ITBS testing. Coordinate schedules, parent outreach, ordering materials, and training.

  • Provide data-based reports monthly for Board meetings.

  • Organize logistics for all assemblies.

  • Supervise, train, and coordinate after school tutoring programs.

  • Work with the Director of Student Youth Services as needed to ensure efficient operation of those programs.

  • Supervise the coordination of grade-level field trips.

  • Assist at after-hour events, such as parent teacher conferences, holiday show, dances, plays, and other events announced during the school year.

  • Oversee the organization of other academic or supplemental programs, as necessary, to ensure effective operation.

  • Assign staff for coverage when teachers are absent and for the purpose of shadowing for newer staff members.

  • Interact with other administrators to facilitate communication and supervision throughout the departments and grade levels.


    Qualifications:   Massachusetts certification as a school principal preferred. Master’s degree. Evidence of study beyond master’s degree preferred. Experience as a schoolteacher and administrator. Experience as a school principal preferred.

    Knowledge and/or skills required for performance of essential functions of the job:


  • Effective interpersonal and leadership skills; experience facilitating communication between divergent groups and in group decision making.


  • Demonstrated success in the development, evaluation and implementation of secondary school curriculum, instruction, and scheduling.


  • Effective administrative and management skills.


  • Excellent speaking and writing skills, including the effective utilization of computers, technology, and information management tools.



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