First Steps Early Learning Center EEC Certified Director - Early Education in Medford, Massachusetts

This position would be working in both Medford and Chelsea, MA. Spending some days in each location. Managing the overall business of the centers including the children, the parents, and the staff. Oversee classroom cleanliness, maintenance of furniture, equipment, toys and supplies. Oversee and manage monthly classroom curriculum that is age / level / skill appropriate Oversee and approve classroom schedules. Demonstrate the ability to remain calm and follow the emergency plan in the event of an emergency. Track administered medications. Log all accident reports and incident reports. Supervise all activities to ensure children's safety at all times. Provide appropriate emotional support for each child's development. Encourage problem solving and practice positive behavior guidance. Guide and supervise teachers through the process of communicating sensitive issues to parents and locating appropriate services for referral. Complete documentation and all paperwork within the required deadlines / time periods. Train and supervise teachers, assistant teachers and / or aides. Be a good role model for teachers, assistant teachers and fellow co-workers. Model exemplary professionalism and work ethics. Warmly greet all visitors and families and maintain a professional demeanor at all times. Work cooperatively and communicate openly with all members of the staff. Management and supervision of staff. Prepare weekly staff schedule. Conduct teacher, child and classroom observations. Process enrollment / admission of students including keeping and updating accurate student records. Prepare welcome packet information for new staff and maintain / update accurate staff records and hold new staff orientation sessions. Ensuring payment and tracking of all student tuition including lunches, late fees etc. Documentation of staff incidents, issues, meetings, complaints or anything relative to the staff member. Documentation of child incidents, issues, meetings, complaints or anything relative to the child or parent. Prepare monthly menu for center. Attend all staff meetings. Participate in training as required. Assist in the development of training opportunities for staff as required. Ensure all staff members are performing all duties as required of their job descriptions. Mentor staff. Uphold the vision and philosophy of First Steps. Adhere to First Steps core values and code of ethics. Conduct yourself in a manner that is not detrimental to the children or reputation of the center. Keep director informed of any issue regarding the center. Assist executive director in licensing renewal documentation and process. Support and sustain positive morale of the staff. Assist in planning team building events. Be accessible and available to parents and respond promptly with respect, sensitivity, interest and cooperation to their concerns. Ensure that children are released only to authorized individuals by verifying photo identification, child release form and parental authorizations. Accompany all visitors while they are in the center. Assist director in ensuring classrooms are in student teacher ratio. Support director in efforts to increase and maintain enrollment in the center. Conduct professional parent tours. Assist director in following up all phone messages and center inquiries within 24 hours. Assist director in maintaining & updating center wait lists. Assist director in ensuring that center grounds, classrooms, office, hallways, common areas etc. are clean, attractive and inviting. Prepare and have readily available registration, enrollment and information packets for families. Assist director in monitoring labor expenses, staffing shortages and excesses so that labor usage is optimized. Maintain current First Aid & CPR certification. Take counts of number of students and staff in center multiple times throughout the day. Do a facility security check at the end of each day before closin