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Quincy Public Employees Association INFORMATION SUPPORT AND NETWORKING SERVI in Quincy, Massachusetts

SUPERVISION RECEIVED: Works under the direction the Executive Director of Career Vocational & Technical Education and supervision of the Principal of Quincy High School and CVTE Department Chairperson. GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Plan, teach, and evaluate assigned courses that align to meet the standard of the Massachusetts Career and Vocational Technical Frameworks and industry standards. Perform those tasks associated with the teaching profession in general. Become especially responsive to the needs of students enrolled in Quincy High School and make a constructive effort to serve the needs of the Quincy High School as an organization. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Plan, organize, and provide appropriate learning experience within assigned area of responsibility. 2. Establish and maintain an instructional atmosphere conducive to learning. 3. Teaches technical skills and knowledge to provide students with the competence to become skilled in their field. 4. Develop lesson plans and organizes class time so that demonstration, instruction, hands-on practice, review, and final activities can be accomplished within the allotted time. 5. Continuously improves the instruction, curriculum, and equipment so that this CVTE area is current with all trends in the field and is fully and properly preparing students for available and emerging jobs. 6. Incorporates technology in instruction, demonstrations, and applications. 7. Works to expand and diversify the offerings of the cluster so that multiple career pathways are available. 8. Develops and maintains a range of work-based experiences (internships, co-op placements, mentorships, etc.) and assures all students have such experiences. 9. Develops and maintains connections with area colleges, including articulation agreements, CVTE pathways, and dual enrollment. 10. Develops positive relationships with Information Support and Networking Services community partners in Quincy and actively solicits their help, including service on the Program Advisory Board. 11. Selects and requisitions books, instructional aides, equipment, instruments, materials, supplies, required while working under established budgets and procedures. 12. Mentor students to recognize the importance of postsecondary education and training and to impact the importance of a strong work ethic. 13. Perform all required duties (supervision, attendance taking, student/parent conferences, department/staff meetings, etc.). 14. Maintain up-to-date and accurate records and reports necessary for the effective management of the school program. 15. Demonstrate appropriate application of interdisciplinary instruction. 16. Apply a variety of teaching techniques to the delivery of instruction. 17. Participate in the delivery of related student services. 18. Model the values respected in a democratic society. 19. Participate in professional development activities that align with school-wide educational goals. ? Update professional skills by attending conferences, meetings, workshops, and other professional development and related career training activities. ? Join professional organizations. ? Develop goals and activities relative to professional development. 20. Perform other duties as assigned. QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Certification as an Information Support and Networking Services instructor. 2. Demonstrated ability to work well with others in a caring, positive and constructive manner and specifically with students, teachers. , school administrators, parents and volunteers. 3. Must have and maintain impeccable moral standards. 4. Must be neat and clean in appearance and personal habits. 5. Dependability in attendance and productivity. Perform high quality work consistently. 6. Exhibit a positive work ethic. 7. Be a role model for students and the general-public at large. 8. Demonstrates confidentiality in personnel and stu ent matters. 9. D