Springfield Public Schools Instructional Paraprofessional in Springfield, Massachusetts

Instructional Paraprofessional Job Description Paraprofessionals provide assistance to teachers and other school personnel in the delivery of quality education and support services for students in an array of classroom settings. Examples of support services and educational settings include, but are not limited to: life skills, developmental classrooms, social, emotional, & behavioral support (SEBS), LINKS (Autism) program, visual or mobility orientation, language learning delays and medical care. In addition, the Collective Bargaining Agreement contains language in Article V - Working Conditions - J. Diapering/Toileting indicating that paraprofessionals hired after ratification (April 16, 1998) are hired with Diapering/Toileting/Toilet Training services as part of their job requirement. Please read this Section of your contract carefully to insure that you clearly understand this condition of your employment as a paraprofessional. The Springfield Public Schools will be requiring you to sign a Statement of Agreement in this matter and will review this with you prior to you beginning your employment position. This position is responsible for providing instructional assistance, classroom support, and implementation of effective classroom strategies and procedures under the direction of classroom teachers and/or other school personnel. A high level of professionalism and ethical behavior is expected consistent with the job duties and responsibilities of a paraprofessional. QUALIFICATIONS: Required qualifications: - High School Diploma or GED, and - Associate of Arts or Science Degree or higher, or - 60 undergraduate college credits, or - Meeting or exceeding the State mandated score on the Paraprofessional Assessment or Work Keys Assessment Preferred Qualifications: - BA Degree with Educator Licensure - Experience working with special education students in education settings **A passing score on the Work Keys Exams in the following areas: - Reading: 5 - Math: 4 - Writing: 3 Applications accepted through 6/26/2018 To View Posting and Apply: Visit the Springfield Public Schools website at: www.springfieldpublicschools.com