Springfield Public Schools TB/SV Day to Day Substitute Teacher in Springfield, Massachusetts

TB/SV Substitute teachers play a crucial role in maintaining the academic progress of the students enrolled in Springfield Public Schools. During the school day, substitute teachers create an appropriate atmosphere to facilitate students' learning and ensure the health, safety and welfare of the students. In addition, substitute teachers are expected to perform other related duties as assigned by the building administrator(s), in accordance with the school/division policies and practices. DUTIES: 1. Be flexible in order to meet the school administrations needs and readily adapt to the needs of the classroom. 2. Arrive 20 minutes early to review all materials and make sure you're prepared before the students arrive in the classroom. 3. Reports to the main office upon arrival at school. 4. Create and enforce structured discipline and classroom control. 5. Establish a safe and positive environment for all students and staff members. 6. Assume responsibility overseeing student behavior in the classroom and surrounding areas in order to assure health, welfare, and safety of all students. 7. Protect students, equipment, materials, and facilities. 8. Honor the teacher and school policies, procedures and schedules. 9. Report all incidences of students, including injuries, accidents, illnesses and behavioral problems to the appropriate authority immediately or as soon as it's reasonably possible. 10. Implement lesson plans and instructions left by the absent teacher. 11. Utilize all academic class time to continue the students learning progress. 12. Engage all students in lesson through interactive effective teaching methods to maintain progress in the teaching curricula. 13. Organize students and classroom for effective instruction. 14. Complete a Substitute Teacher Report Form for the regular classroom teacher at the end of every assignment. 15. Return all instructional materials, equipment, and keys to proper location at the end of the day. 16. Perform other related duties as assigned by building administrator(s) in accordance with school/ division policies and practices. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS. - Must possess a minimum of 60 college credits. - Produce the required documents (cover letter, current resume, official transcripts from an accredited college or university, three character reference letters). - Must be willing to work a minimum of 3 days per week.