The Bridge of Central Massachusetts, Inc. Supported Employment & Education Specialist (Gardner) in Worcester, Massachusetts


To understand, embrace and operate within the recovery model

  • To assist in the development of treatment goals through the IAP

  • To understand and respect individual’s human rights and treat them with dignity and respect

  • Respect individual preferences for how goals will be achieved and work with individuals in all stages of their career readiness.

  • To engage individuals in collaborative relationships directed towards the goal of competitive employment in community job settings or enrollment in integrated education programs.

  • To conduct job/school development and job/school search activities directed towards positions that are individualized to the interests and uniqueness of the individuals served, following the principles of supported employment and education. This includes making employer and administrator/teacher contacts as required, providing follow-along supports, and providing outreach to individuals who have disengaged.

  • To assist individuals in obtaining information about their benefits (e.g., SSI, Medicaid, etc.), and educational costs, and how they will be affected by employment and school, and to help individuals access benefits counseling when making decisions about changes in work hours and pay or school enrollment.

  • To assess an individual’s educational and vocational functioning on an ongoing basis by conducting Career, Education, and Employment Assessments, and utilizing background information on work and education experiences.

  • To complete a Career profile for each new client with information from the individual, mental health practitioners, and with permission, family members or past employers or educators; and to update the

profile with each new job or school experience.

  • To provide education and support to family members (with permission from the individual) about work and school and gather input about skills, interests, strengths, and social supports.

  • To discuss individuals’ preference for disclosure of psychiatric status to employers and educators, including possible costs and benefits, and specific information to be disclosed.

  • To assist in obtaining educational, skills training and vocational opportunities for individuals through the use of job postings, Mass Rehab, clubhouse, internet, and other available resources

  • To assist in educational and vocational readiness through the development of relevant skills including teaching better study skills, application process, and resume writing

  • To assist in educational enrollment or vocational placement by matching school/job skills with the individuals skills, abilities, interests and attitudes

  • To develop an individual employment and education plan with the persons served, mental health workers, and other treatment team providers; and to update it as needed.

  • Fully integrate and operate as part of the clinical team.

  • To provide individual support to assist with the development of educational, vocational and life skills

  • To assist individuals as needed at school or the job site, including facilitating communication between the individual and supervisor, teaching better study skills, and meeting with teachers or employers to discuss issues related to improving individuals performance

  • To ensure and assist in the coordination of transportation to individuals served as needed

  • To serve as a liaison where appropriate in matters related to an individual’s educational, and employment/vocational setting

  • To maintain all relevant and required data and paperwork

  • To complete all paperwork and assigned tasks in a professional and timely manner

  • To work as liaison /advocate with education and vocational programs, employers, teachers, therapists, doctors and social security to assist individuals in meeting their IAP goals.


BA/BS in a Social Service related field strongly preferred, plus or one to two years of experience or knowledge and experience working with mentally ill individuals. Must posses the following: ability to work effectively with community educational and vocational programs, assess educational and vocational needs, and develop and implement effective skill development and vocational plans. Knowledge in EBP model for supported employment and education. Valid driver's license and reliable automobile required. Employment & Education Specialist certification or certifiable.


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CategorySupported Living / Case Management

TypeRegular Part-Time